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Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT)
Custom thermal management technologies and solutions. Heat pipe products for terrestrial, spacecraft, and high temperatures applications.

AZ Prototype, Inc.

​Quick-turn (24-48 hour) electronic contract manufacturing services, consigned and turnkey, prototype to medium volume.

Woman owned  business.​ ITAR registered and AS9100 certified.

EMC Technology / Florida RF Labs
Chip terminators, attenuators and resistors, temperature compensated Smart Loads and Thermopad® , temp and frequency equalizers, high performance RF cables, power attenuators, power dividers and couplers. TRAK (Dundee, Scotland) RF, microwave, and millimeter wave  passive components are also included in the EMC Technology/Florida RF Labs product offerings.
Distributors: RFMW, Ltd. (877)367-7369 and  Micro Lambda (609)259-0400

Frequency Electronics Inc.
High precision time and frequency generation products for space, military and commercial applications.  Over 45 years of experience in providing highly reliable oscillators to the space industry.

MC Assembly
Electronic contract manufacturing services for medium to high volume sub-systems and circuit cards. Specializing in military, avionics, and

industrial markets. RF assembly and test up to 40 GHz. 277,000 square feet, 1300 employees in Florida, Massachusetts and Central Mexico.

AS9100, ITAR, FAA, NASA solder and Lockheed solder certified.

Networks International Corp.
Crystal, LC, and ceramic  filter products. SMT, SMA, PCB  through hole packages. Also custom integrated multi function RF modules.
Military, Commercial, and Space qualified products

Synergy Microwave, Inc.
VCOs, synthesizers, crystal oscillators, phase locked oscillators, mixers, power dividers, couplers, modulators, demodulators,
filters, doublers, phase shifters/detectors, attenuators, transformers, PIN diode switches, and  SAW stabilized

UTE Microwave, Inc
Circulators and isolators for applications at all the wireless and PCN frequencies. Devices cover the power spectrum from milliwatts to high

power, suited for cellular, TV, radar, medical, and other applications.